Use of specialists : DION WHITIENING WASH

Dion whitening wash
Dion whitening facial wash contains :
Vit B3 : nourishing and cleansing
Aloe vera : extract provides care to avoid drying out the complexion
Liquorice extract : lightenes the skin for a fresh glow right after washing
Indication :
⦁ Promotes cell renewal to treat existing pigmentation .
⦁ Stop melanin synthesis which in turn reduces the development of pigmentation
⦁ High level of antioxidant provides a protection and preventing for further formation of pigmentation
⦁ Prevents transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes that prevents darkning of pigments
⦁ Has tremendous antiaging benefits through promoting collagen production

Application :
Apply a drop on your wet palm –
-Gently massage over wet face
rines-off with water-

use twice a day for best results


•Dion whitening wash is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.
•Avoid contact with the eyes
•keep away of children’s reach